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The SNOW PEARL line was developed by Dr. Lorenza Dahm developed. As one of the leading dentists in Switzerland, she brings many years of professional knowledge and experience in the quality and design of SNOW PEARL products. dr Lorenza Dahm has been practicing in her private dental clinic in the center of Zurich for many years and is committed to maintaining the oral health of her patients.
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Latest news

Zahnfleischrückgang: Ursachen, Symptome, Therapie, Prävention

Receding gums: causes, symptoms, therapy and prevention

Receding gums causes, symptoms, therapies, prevention. In the following I will describe the causes that can lead to receding gums, how you can avoid them for the most part and how you can treat them with modern methods...
Lass uns mal über Fluoride reden!

Let's talk about fluoride!

  First of all we have to differentiate between fluorine and fluoride! Fluoride is a natural trace element and is found everywhere in our environment, eg in water and in many foods. Fluorine, on the other hand, is a...
Gesund lachen: warum sollten Zahnpasten keine Parabene enthalten?!

Laugh healthy: why shouldn't toothpaste contain parabens?!

Parabens are a preservative that makes toothpaste last longer and protects it from loss of quality. Although you don't normally swallow the toothpaste, its ingredients, which are not always harmless, are still absorbed through the oral mucosa and...
Partnerschaft zwischen SNOW PEARL und SWISS TRIATHLON

Partnership between SNOW PEARL and SWISS TRIATHLON

«Triathlon is one of the most popular, popular and successful sports in Switzerland. That's why we decided to support the Swiss Triathlon athletes by helping them maintain their oral health»,...
Falsche Zahnbürsten können die Zähne regelrecht absägen!

The wrong toothbrush can literally saw your teeth off!

What are wedge shaped defects? Wedge-shaped defects can result from improper brushing, such as scrubbing the teeth horizontally. Tooth substance is gradually removed. Wedge-shaped tooth substance losses occur particularly frequently in the border area between the tooth neck...
Hochleistungssport und schlechte Zähne ?

High performance sport and bad teeth?

Unfortunately a fact! Top athletes suffer more often from dental problems! This has already been mentioned in a publication in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (2014; doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2014-093804). At the 2014 London Olympics,...
Schallzahnbürste versus Schallzahnbürste

Sonic toothbrush versus sonic toothbrush

We all love the Holliwood smile, don't we? A bright smile gives us the confidence we need. It could be that by doing this we can get the attention of the person we are...
Perfekte Zahn- und Zahnfleisch Pflege auf Reise

Perfect tooth and gum care when travelling

The SNOW PEARL Travel Kits can make travel preparations less stressful and are the ultimate packaging solution as they really contain EVERYTHING for perfect 24/7 tooth and gum care.
Warum ist die Verwendung von Zahnseide so wichtig

Why is flossing so important

Most people do not use dental floss or use it very rarely and very reluctantly because they feel this tool is rather unnecessary. You think that brushing your teeth with a toothbrush alone,...


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