The wrong toothbrush can literally saw your teeth off!


What are wedge shaped defects?

Wedge-shaped defects can result from improper brushing, such as scrubbing the teeth horizontally. Tooth substance is gradually removed.

Wedge-shaped loss of tooth substance occurs particularly frequently in the border area between the tooth neck (tooth root) and tooth crown on the outside of the tooth.

When scrubbing horizontally, the bristles crowd together and act like a saw on the gums at the tooth neck. The wrong mechanical load wears down tooth structure over time. Wedge-shaped defects most commonly occur on the incisors and canines, and on the sides of the molars.


How to avoid wedge-shaped defects?

Very simple: if you want to avoid such defects, you should pay very close attention to the way you brush your teeth. Horizontal scrubbing motions should be avoided at all costs and you should use a suitable soft yet efficient toothbrush. Using toothpastes that are too aggressive can also cause scratches on the teeth, which gradually grow into deep defects. It is therefore incredibly important when choosing a toothpaste to pay attention to the abrasion value, the so-called RDA value. Reputable manufacturers communicate the corresponding RDA value on the packaging or on the tube. A too low RDA value has a very low cleaning power and will not be able to prevent the development of discoloration, on the other hand, too high RDA values ​​are very dangerous for the tooth substance. An average RDA value between 60 and 90 enables efficient tooth cleaning without being harmful to the tooth substance.


What if I have wedge-shaped defects?

Then only the dentist can help: he can repair the defects with composite fillings. However, the better solution, if possible, is prevention!

The SNOW PEARL line has been designed for perfect and efficient cleaning and the toothbrushes are equipped with KONEX HD Ultra soft and very elastic bristles.

Because they are 8 times thinner at the tip than conventional toothbrushes, they enable thorough cleaning of the teeth - even on uneven tooth surfaces, without irritating the tooth necks or producing unpleasant wedge-shaped defects. They are soft enough not to injure gums, but strong enough to deal with stubborn plaque. This combination makes this generation of toothbrushes unbeatable.

In my clinic in Zurich we work exclusively with Snow Pearl toothbrushes. Here the patients can choose between the manual and the electric sonic toothbrushes and we see the positive results every day. The countless positive reviews show me that we are on the right track with our toothbrushes.


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