Laugh healthy: why shouldn't toothpaste contain parabens?!


Parabens are a preservative that makes toothpaste last longer and protects it from loss of quality. 

Although toothpaste is not normally swallowed, its ingredients, which are not always harmless, are still absorbed through the oral mucosa and thus enter the circulatory system particularly quickly. Since most people have no idea about it, they continue to clean their mouth with toothpaste several times a day without knowing what it really contains and what it can do to their health. 

Parabens not only work in toothpaste, but also in the body after they have been absorbed undisturbed through the oral mucosa. 

They are considered problematic because they can have a hormone-like effect on the body. Especially on young male children, parabens can cause some feminization. Paraben allergies are now also widespread. If you often get red pustules on your skin after showering, applying lotion or brushing your teeth, you should have yourself tested for a possible allergy. 

Parabens have also been found in breast cancer tissue. Whether parabens actually promote the development of cancer is still controversial and unfortunately many toothpastes still contain this substance. 

I strongly advise against using toothpastes with parabens. 

Snow Pearl's Pearl Shield Gel Toothpaste does not contain parabens or other dangerous substances that I will address in other blogs. 

Snow Pearl's Pearl Shield Gel Toothpaste has excellent properties: 

1. It reduces tooth sensitivity

2. It repairs incipient caries lesions

3. It reduces plaque formation

4. It works up to 12 hours thanks to its bioactive and patented fluoride molecules. 

5. It contains far less fluoride than regular toothpaste.

Please write me if you have any questions or suggestions. I will be happy to answer your inquiries personally. 

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dr Lorenza Dahm

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