Calcium sodium fluorophosphosilicate remineralizes tooth enamel more effectively than traditional fluoride toothpaste


This is the conclusion of a new study published in the journal Tomography, which compared a toothpaste containing calcium sodium fluorophosphosilicate with a standard Colgate toothpaste containing fluoride (1450 ppm).

The researchers compared the effects of the two toothpastes on demineralized tooth surfaces using three indicators: surface microhardness, surface roughness and volume increase. The calcium-sodium-fluorophosphosilicate toothpaste outperformed the fluoride toothpaste in all aspects that are crucial for limiting the risk of tooth decay. 




PEARL SHIELD Gel Toothpaste is a novel toothpaste based on a patented bioactive technology that includes not only fluoride, but also calcium and phosphate in the structure of the toothpaste. PEARL SHIELD Gel Toothpaste adheres to the tooth surface where it gradually dissolves over a period of up to 12 hours, releasing these ions into the mouth where they interact with saliva to form fluorapatite. This crystallizes on the tooth surface, effectively remineralizing and repairing tooth enamel.

Demineralization leads to softening of the enamel surface and is the first stage of the caries process. Effective remineralization reverses this by increasing surface hardness and is therefore an essential step in stopping the development of carious lesions. As demineralization occurs, the tooth surface also becomes rougher, and calcium sodium fluorophosphosilicate has been shown to reduce this roughness by filling the depressions or valleys created by demineralization, thereby helping to reduce plaque accumulation in these depressions. Finally, the increase in volume is due to the amount of fluorapatite that is deposited to replenish the tooth structure and provide additional protection.

The slow release of calcium and phosphate as well as fluoride in PEARL SHIELD Gel toothpaste increases the remineralization rate compared to a standard fluoride toothpaste.




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