12-hour protection against caries and sensitive teeth thanks to an innovative and patented formula.

Reduced fluoride content with optimized protection: The new patented Swiss fluoride formula is what makes SNOW PEARL gel toothpaste so special.

The SNOW PEARL gel toothpaste has a significantly lower fluoride concentration than other commercially available toothpastes (530 ppm instead of 1450 ppm). But this small proportion is all the more effective because it offers long-term protection thanks to its excellent adhesion to the tooth surface.

Thanks to the innovative and patented Swiss fluoride formulation of Ca-Na-fluorophosphosilicate, it offers a continuous, better protection and repair function that lasts up to 12 hours.

Its molecular characteristic is the excellent adhesion to the tooth surface, and that is exactly what makes it so effective. The particles of calcium sodium fluorophosphosilicate are dissolved very slowly by the saliva and therefore guarantee a fluoride release that lasts up to 12 hours. Fluorapatite is formed in the remineralization process, which regenerates the decalcified tooth enamel and makes it 10 times more resistant to acids and caries.

The excellent effect against sensitive teeth is also beneficial and immediately noticeable, because the calcium-sodium-fluorophosphosilicate combination of PEARL SHIELD gel toothpaste closes the open dentin channels for a long time, which are responsible for the unpleasant pain reactions to cold, heat, sweets, acid and touch are.

The performance spectrum of the PEARL SHIELD gel toothpaste:

- Low fluoride content with optimal protection.

- 12 hours continuous fluoride release thanks to the patented Swiss formulation with calcium sodium fluorophosphosilicate.

- Sustainably reduces tooth sensitivity through stable closure of the dentine tubules.

- Repairs the enamel in early caries lesions through the generation of an acid and caries resistant fluoroapatite surface.

- The continuous fluoride release reduces the formation of plaque.

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